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About Us

Welcome to Cocoon Preschool

Cocoon is all about providing children a safe haven to create everlasting memories and skills in children. We strive to make every child fall in love with learning so that they will reach significant milestones effortlessly and choose to remain lifelong learners.

Henna Madan

Child psychologist, Life Coach

Founder Of Cocoon Preschool

Henna is a child psychologist, teacher, trainer, graphologist, certified NLP practitioner, sound healer and a mother to Cocoon and two lovely boys. She has been successfully running Cocoon for 23 years now. Needless to say she is a highly regarded and well respected figure in the ECE domain. Her expertise lies not just in managing and nurturing a successful preschool but also in curriculum development.

She started Cocoon with an inner belief of setting up a preschool and daycare where kids get unconditional love and a safe place to grow. Her untiring spirit to touch more lives stays in her and spreads happiness among families. Her dream is to touch more lives and shape up the future of more and more children. With the Cocoon Teachers Training program she aims to train aspiring preschool teachers in the ECE domain to create a better future for the coming generations!

We Provide

Child Safety

Many Sports

Bus Service

Art Classes

Our Core

  • Children learn best in an environment where they feel safe and cherished.
  • Real learning is Early childhood is about making sense of the immediate world around him and developing skills to navigate it.
  • Every child is intelligent. While one may be fantastic at words, the other may be good at drawing and yet another with people. Understanding of Math and language alone does not mean a child is intelligent.
  • Everything contributes to learning (how teacher talks, a toy, a picture on the board, interaction with peers and just about everything).
  • Nurturing Curiosity is the first step to facilitating learning.

Management Team


Henna Madan-

The dreamer, visionary, mother, maker, designer and the indispensable root of Cocoon. Her background in Child Psychology has been an asset in making Cocoon the most Child friendly school in Navi Mumbai.


Ajay Madan-

A qualified Chartered Accountant practicing for over 25 Years now, Ajay is the backbone of Henna Madan helping her implement her revolutionary ideas for Cocoon. His experience in Finance and Marketing has played a key role in helping shape perception of the organisation among parents of Navi Mumbai.

Director Operations:

Ansh Madan-

A hard core administrator with a management degree in finance and marketing, Ansh takes care of the operations at Cocoon.

Our Benefits

Activity Rooms

Phonic Program

Music Programs

Happy Environment

Dance Class

Nature Study

Every child is a different kind of flower. All together they make this world a beautiful garden.

What Parents Say's

Tathagat Lokhande

The school and the day care facility here is very good. The teachers give personal attention to all the kids and ensure that the kids feel at home. My son initially had separation anxiety but Daivashala ma'am ensured that he does not feel left out. He loves going to school now. I highly recommend this school.

Swaraj Paul

Being a neighbour, I have known the principal for over two years and have visited the daycare multiple times. The teachers over there are very down to earth and caring about the children. Moreover they adapted to online learning upon the start of the pandemic making sure that the children get the education they deserve. If you are looking for a preschool for your kid, this is hands down one of the best in the locality.

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