Kharghar Nerul Kamothe kolshet

Our Leading Cirriculum

Our teaching philosophy is based on MI (Multiple Intelligencies ) and enquiry based learning.

What we teach at Cocoon is very much the same as taught in many other pre schools: HOW WE TEACH IS UNIQUE. Since the inception of the school the theory of multiple intelligence conceived by Harvard University Professor Howard Gardener has been used as a tool for teaching and learning at Cocoon Preschool. The theory of MI says intelligence can be differentiated by different styles and ways of learning. A child can learn numbers through an activity with no cards and counters and another child can learn the same while climbing up and down the steps, while a third child might learn by singing the number rhymes. Our teaching philosophy is based on MI (Multiple Intelligences) and enquiry based learning

What is Enquiry Based Learning?

See children as full of potential, competence and capability of building their own theories.

The above quote encapsulates the whole idea of enquiry based learning. Young children loves to ask questions. Questions are extremely power tools for educators to promote child thinking and learning. Enquiry based approaches to learning harness the very spirit of investigation. It also creates and interesting, engaging and meaningful curriculum that uses children’s interest and questions as a starting point for effective learning.

The Learning Environment:

At Cocoon the learning environments are designed to support a child’s developmentals journey.

  1. An engaging environment. The most important element of environment is that it must be positive and engaging so that children love coming to school. At Cocoon our environment ensures that it happens.
  2. Physical play areas: Indoor play area and outdoor garden are great fun for child’s physical social and gross motor development.
  3. Whether outdoor or indoor, our play areas have sufficient space for children to run around and stretch their physical selves.

Skill development area:

Our multi activity room is equipped with toys and games selected to enhance core cognitive functioning- puzzles, construction toys, number games and craft work for example.

Reading Corner:

We have created a cozy reading corner with level appropriate collection of books. Reading starts early at Cocoon. Each class has a small reading corner and a lovely collection of books.

Creative spaces:

We have specific creative activities either within the class room or in the multi activity room. These spaces are used everyday by each child for exploration in different art, mediums- music , drawing, painting, dough play, dancing, acting, story telling and public speaking.


AIRY WELL LIT CLASSROOMS, BLOOMING KITCHEN GARDEN , cozy playful sandpit, huge outdoor play area, green outdoor garden, interactive AV aids, well equipped warm kitchen, cute library area. Huge multi activity room.

Every child is a different kind of flower. All together they make this world a beautiful garden.