Kharghar Nerul Kamothe kolshet


For 4 n half years old

  • The JKG classroom reflects the belief that the four-year-olds are vibrant, active doers.

  • Our children experience life through learning centers, technology. In this classroom, a strong sense of “we-ness” (togetherness) invites children to work cooperatively, to give and take leadership.

  • Recognizing that in this level, a strong foundation of language and math is essential, children are exposed to our phonics and reading programme where they learn to read, spell and write better.

  • Our JKG programme further strengthens the foundation for children to be prepared for formal school education.

  • The programme is more academic-focused, without neglecting the other essential skills and developmental areas.

  • Children are exposed to a more intensive reading and writing programme to enhance these skills that are essential

Every child is a different kind of flower. All together they make this world a beautiful garden.