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Cultivating Nutritious Eating Habits for Indian Preschoolers

Fostering healthy eating habits in preschoolers is vital for their growth and development. Traditional Indian cuisine offers a rich array of nutritious foods. In this context let us see ways to promote wholesome eating habits for preschoolers. Incorporate nutrient-dense Indian superfoods like dal (lentils), yogurt, seasonal vegetables, and fruits into daily meals. For instance, a …

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Embracing Mud Play in the Indian Context: A Journey to Holistic Growth

In a fast-paced world where technology often takes center stage, it’s imperative to reconnect our little ones with their cultural roots and the natural wonders that abound. Mud play, a cherished and age-old tradition, is one such avenue that we, as schools and families, can explore to foster holistic development in our toddlers. Sensory Exploration: …

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Raising emotionally stable children

The most defining quality of a human being is the capacity to form and maintain relationships, so that we could coexist and function within a society. Emotional wellbeing can be described as the developing capacity of children to: experience, regulate, and express emotion; form close, secure, interpersonal relationships; and explore the environment and learn – …

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Praising or over praising?

A real sense of self-worth is based on the skills they build for themselves and the true accomplishments they feel they’ve made. However, many parents have the tendency to build up their kids with false or exaggerated statements of greatness by Overpraising. Overpraising can have some negative effects that include: What is the alternative to …

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Gardening in early childhood

There is no joy that can equal the joy of nurturing and watching something grow. Be it growing animals or plants, it teaches the important aspect of responsibility for another life. Gardening is almost a soul-searching endeavour. Choosing the seeds, preparing them, planting them, watering them and finally watching it sprout is almost like Zen …

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20 Must-Read Books For Children By Age

The More You Read, The More Your Dependency On The World Decreases And On Knowledge Increases! A growing body of research indicates that reading literally changes your mind. Brain scans showed that throughout the reading period and for days afterward, brain connectivity increased, the part of the brain that responds to physical sensations like movement …

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